Stainless Pipes and Mufflers


Grand Rock's expertise and in house capabilities means that we can offer ALL of our stacks, pipes, and mufflers in a variety of stainless materials.

While most trucks still use an aluminized coated material, many newer trucks are showing up with 409 stainless steel systems! Stainless steel has many advantages over the Aluminized coated carbon steel system such as longevity and higher temperature resistance.

Grand Rock offers our systems in a 14-gauge 409 stainless bare or aluminized coated. Due to the heavy construction of these systems, they will generally last 3 times longer than aluminized steel 16-gauge pipes. On trucks that are in service for many years in corrosive climates, or high temperature environments, it is extremely cost effective to replace the OE parts with longer-life stainless components.

Grand Rock also offers Non-Magnetic 304 Stainless Steel exhaust system for even better life and durability. For full information on the types of materials and their benefits please see the General Information section of our catalog.