Made in America!

GRAND ROCK is proud to be an American manufacturer, not just another packaging company that has products made offshore for us! This way, we can provide quality products where WE set the standards. Tubing comes from Ohio and Nebraska, many of our clamps come from Michigan, bending machines and other production equipment are manufactured/assembled in the USA, etc.

Our chrome platers are located in America and they plate our chrome parts at or beyond OE requirements. GRAND ROCK chrome is considered show chrome grade amongst our customers and discriminating buyers.

Many of our mufflers, flex hoses, brackets, rain caps, and muffler and pipe shields are also made in the USA and Canada. In all, about 98% of everything we carry and sell is made in North America. We have some very high quality products manufactured to our specifications in Mexico and Asia.

It is our firm belief that manufacturing and industry built this country to be the greatest in the world, so we are proud to be a part of this foundation. You can be sure that GRAND ROCK places a high emphasis on quality, and we stand behind our products while being competitively priced.

Made In USA