Chrome Quality

Nowadays, everything that you buy has the label "premium" claimed on the outside of the box. From your bathroom hand towel to the soap dispenser, everything (regardless of quality) is marked "premium". So, what really makes Grand Rock's Chrome premium? Like painting a car or a fence, it starts with the right material and preparation. We start by making sure that our tubing is free from flaws including particle build-up, dings, dents or wrinkles.

After the forming process, the parts are wiped and cleaned to meet our strict quality standards. Each part is then layered and secured so that they don't become damaged during transfer from the manufacturing process. Following the manufacturing process, the product is pretreated to remove any grease and remaining debris. The result? Clean and flawless material.

The tube is then sent through a precision automated polishing process to bring the product to a mirror shine. The solution tanks used to plate our parts are specifically designed to plate tubing and are filtered continuously throughout the process to ensure that all of the particles are removed from the bath. Once the plating is complete, each part is checked, wiped, and cleaned to ensure that there is no particle build-up.

Finally, our Chrome Stack goes through the "white glove test" in which the Quality Control Manager checks the parts by running a white glove down the length of the stack to test for any snags or burrs (commonly found on our competitor's products). 

The process for plating a stack is not the same as a motorcycle gasoline tank or mirrors on a Harley Davidson! It takes time and experience - the type of experience that comes only with being in the chrome stack and exhaust business for over 40 years working to get the right mixture and the perfect process.

In the end, the difference is one that you can see and feel! It takes more than just fancy advertising and choice words to call your product premium! At Grand Rock we deliver on our promise of providing a premium, quality part! See for yourself.

Chrome Display